Swim team starts its season


Photo Courtesy of Coach Patty

The swim team in action at one of their meets. The boys team is just starting their freestyle.

Kyla Watt, Reporter

Once spring season hits, it is swim team season for high schools. Last year the swim season was cut short but this year, with some alterations, swimming can resume again.

Some of the swimmers have never even set foot on high school campus until their swim practices. The freshmen are new to the team but even with the new restrictions because of COVID, it is still enjoyable to be a part of and you still meet lots of new people. Freshman Rowan Keane talks about his experience on the team.

“Swim team is fun because it is a new challenging take on a water sport since I am used to playing water polo,” Keane said. “We are learning a lot of new things like flip turning which is really fun. I also get to swim with some of my buddies from [water] polo and on top of that meet new swimmers that I haven’t seen before.”

Swimming also gives students like Keane an excuse to get out of the house and interact with people safely. It can be something to look forward to later in the day while you are sitting at home with nothing to do.

“Swimming is a great way to exercise and get out of the house,” Keane said. “I like having different ways to workout and being stuck in the house all day is not fun. Also with meets every week it is something to look forward to because they are a lot of fun.”

Another option that was offered this year to help teammates stay safe was to stay at club practice everyday, and just attend high school meets. You will still get to feel like a part of the team at the meets while at the same time making things more simple by staying with your club. Sophomore Lauren Park discusses her feelings about this. 

“I enjoy using this method of practicing with my club everyday because then I get to experience the benefits of both club swimming and high school swimming at the same time,” Park said. “The team environment is very strong in both atmospheres.”

Everybody on the team benefits off of each other and everybody on the team encourages each other no matter who the person. It brings the energy level up at the meets and makes it enjoyable for everyone.

“The meets are fun despite the distance and precautions that are mandatory as there is still a lot of team spirit present, and it is obviously very exciting to compete,” Park said. “Social distancing of course disrupts a little bit of the social aspect but the attitudes and sprites keep it entertaining plus there is the rush of adrenaline while competing.”

Everybody on the team has built friendships with each other and brighten up each other’s days and practices with each other. When you are facing an obstacle, everybody cheers on everyone.

“The environment is one that is both supportive and competitive, where your friends are also your competitors and therefore strengthens the competitions and friendships,” Park said. “I think that CHS will do great this season, similar to the previous years despite the pandemic. There is always more that you can learn from your teammates. You can listen to critiques on other swimmers and apply them to yourself for a chance to improve even more.”

Other swimmers who are in the upper classes have experienced swimming with and without COVID. Although it is different, it is still exciting to be able to swim again for them after taking last year off. Senior Gillian Swift  has been on the swim team for four years and says this about the team. 

“I love the meets because it really shows you how close the team is and how much we all care about each other,” Swift said. “Everybody at the meets is in it together and we all want CHS to be as successful as possible.” 

With CIFS coming up this season, the team is ready to win. CHS is very strong this year and hoping for the best outcome. They have been training very hard in order to come out on top this CIF, however, CIF is still not confirmed, 

“I am very excited for what this eason holds for Carlsbad as a team.” Swift said. “Last year since we weren’t able to compete at CIF’s we are back and better than ever to win this year. Even though it is a little different with COVID it is very nice that we are able to have a season this year even if we have to make some adjustments to how we run meets and practice.”