Splashing into water polo’s growing brotherhood


by Tosh Everett

Carlsbad varsity water polo plays Bishops on Tuesday, October 10th. Coach Feaster, goes over what the team needs to improve on in the second half.

Chloe Tran, Opinion Editor

 The growing friendship between each of the members of the water polo team marked a statement on the team’s lasting bonds in games and around school. The continuous hangouts and the lively brotherhood demonstrated their goals as a team and as a family.

Alongside practices and games, sophomore James Mitchell learned the value of having closure with the team outside the pool. 

“We’ve grown up together since fifth grade and since we’ve known each other for a long time, we go to each other’s houses and hang out,” Mitchell said.

With the many hangouts, Mitchell developed a strong connection that has grown to be even more than just being a team.

“We are all really close and basically established a brotherhood together.”

— James Mitchell


“We are all really close and basically established a brotherhood together,” Mitchell said. 

The result of coming together flourished new friendships and memories. Along with Mitchell, sophomore Mateo Esquivel has learned that establishing this level of brotherhood helped create a better environment throughout school and in the water.

“You know, it’s all about having a good friendship with everyone and going to practice,” Esquivel said. “Passing each other before practice is pretty fun you know. You get to talk to them and see them around school.” 

Throughout practices, the team performs routines that would help improve mentality before games.

“Definitely having the Carlsbad chant [brings] us closer,” Esquivel said. “Just getting in the mode for games and having a lot of fun. We pump each other up as well.” 

Before practices, the team makes sure to get a few sweets before jumping back into the pool for practice.

“On early days before practice, me and a few friends from the team go down to Vons and Rite Aid to get a bunch of candy and bring it back and have it before practice,” Esquivel said.

The team also finds time afterwards to go out together to grab a meal or hang out near the beach.

“After practices, sometimes we go out to get lunch and hang out together,” Esquivel said.

As the season continues, new memories are made as the ever growing bonds keep the team on their toes. Waterpolo’s brotherhood created an environment Esquivel and Mitchell look forward to in future seasons.

“Next year, I look forward to making new friends, hanging out with everyone and creating new memories as well,” Mitchell said.