A weekend filled with CIF and prom

Mikayla Wood, Staff Writer

This last weekend was filled with many events as both prom and CIF for boy’s volleyball and swim took place on Saturday. As a result, many students were faced with the struggle of attending both occasions in a calm, timely manner.

The games were not clear in the beginning.  For boy’s volleyball, their games were determined by the scores from matches earlier in the day, but they were fortunate to play the earlier game.

“At the beginning, we were not sure who we were going to play; El Camino or Rancho Bernardo,” senior Alex Kupin said.  “And we knew if we played El Camino, we would have to get ready for prom really fast because the game would be at 3:00 rather than RB at 1:00.  So, we obviously wanted RB to win.”

Unfortunately, having both events in one day caused some conflicts and resulted in having to miss out on certain aspects of prom including dinner and haircuts.

“There wasn’t much time because CIF ended at 6:15 and I was the last event so I had to go there, I had to shower, I had to change, I had to pick up my date,” senior Sukhman Singh said.  “So, I basically went from CIF straight to prom.  I didn’t have time to have a fancy dinner or anything.”

Although prom did serve as motivation to do well, their desire to win was mostly fueled by their competitive and ambitious sportsmanship.

“I feel like prom was definitely a motivation to beat them in three games, but also we wanted to just go out there and beat them because we are a better team,” Kupin said.

In fact, both sports had a great day of competition and were able to finish with a good record.

“I did well at CIF,” Singh said.  “I went two best times and I got first place in the 100 fly and 100 back so that was fun.  And, I really had fun on the relays swimming with my teammates.  We got third in the 400 free relay so that was really fun.  So yeah, I did really well I think.”

Overall, this time constraint did not affect their game performance or their night at prom too much.

“I mean it was kind of tiring because I was a little bit tired at prom, but it was also really fun because CIF went well and I got to celebrate at prom,” Singh said.  “It was interesting and it was fun. I liked it.”