Isabelle Werwage, 11


Mitchell Scaglione

Junior Isabelle Werwage strikes a pose at lancer stadium. The dancing through the decades performance included multiple songs from different time periods.

Gracyn Gambill

Junior Isabelle Werwage is currently dancing on Xcalibur. It is her first year on the team and she has enjoyed every bit of it. We asked her a few questions to find out a little bit more about her:

Lancer Link:”How many years have you been on Xcalibur?

Isabelle Werwage:”This is my first year.”

LL:”How has your first year been so far?”

IW:”It has been really fun, personally have never been on a team for dance before I have only danced at a studio so it’s really something different to have a group of girls around you that are so close and all your friends”

LL:”Recently you had the showcase, how was that for you given it’s your first year on the team?”

IW:”It was really fun we had six numbers so it was kind of tiring, but it was worth it because I love being on the stage and representing our team.”

LL:”What has your favorite part been about the team so far?”

IW:”My favorite part so far would have to be lancer day.The whole day we got to represent Carlsbad and that was really great.”

LL:”Is there anything your really looking forward to?”

IW:”I’m excited to go into out competition season which starts up in February, and also basketball season”

LL:”How do you prepare for that?”

IW:”A lot of practices, cardio, and choreography.”

LL:”Do you think that you will do the team again next year?”

IW:”I definitely hope so.”