Ryan Brent


MacKenzie Harden

Ryan Brent is a senior on varsity soccer.

Georgiana Gilbert , Writer

Ryan Brent is a senior at Carlsbad High School and a star on the soccer field. Brent has been playing since he was five years old and has been playing competitively in club for seven years. His club team finished 1st in the Surf Cup tournament in which teams from all over the country come to compete for the top title. However, this is his first year playing for Carlsbad as he has been playing on a very time consuming club team, in which he trained in Mexico for a year.

Lancer Link: What sacrifices have you made for soccer?

Ryan Brent: Last year I went to seaside so I could train more down in Mexico and play. It was really fun, but I couldn’t attend Carslabd so it was different compared to what im used to.

LL: What has soccer taught you about life?

RB: Soccer has taught me how to work with teammates and how to work with other people in general. This helps me in everyday life as well as succeding in soccer.

LL: What do you enjoy most about soccer?

RB: I love the excitment of scoring goals and working together and then winning as a team is one of th emost exciting things ever.

LL: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

RB: I put all of my gear on the left side before I get to the right, that just something I’ve alwyas done. As a team for Carlsbad we get in a circle and say a prayer and cheer and then we’re ready for our game.

LL: What type of player are you in a game?

RB: I am a very quiet player and I try to get the job done as efficiently as I can.