Freshmen Doak, Veidt achieve varsity status

Freshmen Doak, Veidt achieve varsity status

Freshman Emma Veidt is well prepared for her varsity cross country season.

Nicolas Dmitriev, staff writer

For Carlsbad High School’s highly competitive sports teams, students often find themselves endlessly competing for spots on the well-respected teams. By combining skill, dedication, teamwork and just enough luck freshmen Stephanie Doak and Emma Veidt earned positions in their respective varsity level sports.

Doak has been picked to be on the girl’s varsity volleyball team for this year.

“I started playing basketball in sixth grade. At the end of last year, my friends got me into many volleyball clubs and travel teams,”  Doak said.

Veidt was able to land a spot on the varsity cross country team, and with her athletic experience, it’s no wonder why she is part of the team.

“I started track in seventh grade and started cross country this year. I also participated in soccer and swimming since fourth grade,” Veidt said.

With freshmen rarely making it on varsity level sports, both athletes were shocked at their acceptance into varsity.

“I wasn’t expecting to be picked because I was thinking I would be picked for the freshmen or junior varsity team. When the teams were being picked, I was surprised by my teammates who informed me I would be playing for the varsity team,” Doak said.

Veidt shared the same excitement and surprise.

“It was a total surprise to me and I wasn’t expecting to be picked. It’s very exciting” Veidt said.

With such a great start these two athletes are already planning out their careers, both are confident and ready to achieve their desired goals.

“I would like to play volleyball and basketball all through high school and college,” Doak said.  “I’m not yet sure about college, but I definitely would like to do cross country all through high school while balancing swimming at the same time.”