Women’s varsity basketball plays against RBV

Womens varsity basketball plays against RBV

Lady Lancers challenge Rancho Buena Vista for the ball.

Bryanna Mundy, Editor-in-chief

on Jan. 20, Girls Varsity Basketball team took on the Rancho Buena Vista Longhorns. Within the first minute of the game, junior Alyssa Ramos put the first points on the board for the Lancers.

The team began with a man-to-man defense but switched to a zone defense towards the end of the game. Senior Breana Jemison rebounded well and both teams had steals on both sides. The first quarter ended with the Lady Lancers in the lead 8-7.

Second quarter started out slowly, with the Lancers and the Longhorn’s going neck and neck. Carlsbad called a full time out to quickly rest and re-focus the team.  The Lancers had trouble rebounding, but junior Yvette Paz made a bank shot after a great play.

The team also managed to play strong transition defense. By the end of second quarter, were closely trailing the Longhorns 20-21.

During the third quarter, Paz made a beautiful pass to junior Adriana Huetter. The Lancers started to come back after Paz stole the ball at half court, made a lay-up and was fouled, receiving an additional freethrow.

After a few more jump shots and passes the Lancers were still close behind. The Lady Lancers on the sidelines gave their teammates great support.

Despite the team’s strong efforts, Lancers couldn’t catch up to the Longhorns in the fourth quarter.

“Our shots weren’t falling at the end” Ramos said.

The Lancers had a lot of team effort but lost 44-56. The Lancers use the loss to gain more dedication than ever.

“We can definitely focus on our shots and our intensity” Jeminson said.