Lady Lancers Varsity Soccer team snatches another win


Coach Carl Higham gives the girls a stern pep talk.

Megan Benner, Staff Writer

Unfortunately, the bench was scattered with injured Lancers Tues., Jan. 10th, but that did not stop the Womens Varsity Soccer team from coming out with a victory on their home turf. Borrowing three JV players for the game against Patrick Henry, the Lady Lancers pulled out a 3-0 victory despite the depleted roster.

Coach Carl Higham started many underclassman that night including goalie Sophomore Sara Harelson. Harelson was ready to keep a shut out. Within a few minutes of the game, freshman Shelby Lee crossed the ball to Senior Makaela Thompson for the first goal of the game.

Following the offensive action, the Patriots had a hand ball, giving Carlsbad a free kick. Senior Morgan Batcheller took a shot on target but was denied. Batcheller continued to look to goal but the Lancers remained one-up at half time. Coach Carl’s pep talk was serious. He believed the girl’s were not playing to their full potential in the first half.

“You aren’t talking to each other,” Coach Carl said during half time. “You have Dani and Shelby steaming, running up and down the line. Talk!”

Taking the advice to heart, the girls stepped it up during the second half. Senior Captain Sami Keville scored at first opportunity, assisted by Sophmore Cindy Garcia’s corner kick. Shortly after, Junior Liz O’Loughlin chipped the ball to Senior Natalie Simpson who made the score 3 to 0.

The Lancers had full dominance. The only threat the Patriots could mount was a driving shot saved by Senior McKenna Tollack.

Senior Yaya Millan was injured in the last 10 minutes and joined the many injured players on the bench. Borrowed player, Junior Jessica Reaves filled her place on the field and held her own. Freshman Christina Nixon, also borrowed, had tremendous speed as a forward.

“It is unfortunate that we keep getting injured because our season starts next week,” Keville said. “We can only be positive and train hard for what is to come.”

With all of the injured athletes, the Womens Varsity Soccer team will need as much crowd support as possible in upcoming league games. So come out next Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. to keep their spirits up and to gain another win.