The Shade Shortage

Students miss having permanent shade structures during break


Emma Newton

Since the beginning of the year, the shade structures in the CHS Quad have been missed by students. Whether rain or shine, the structures are needed to protect students from the weather.

Emma Newton, Assistant Editor

During the summer of 2022, the shade structures in the CHS quad were taken down after cracks were found in the stucco, resulting in safety issues. Some of the student body is upset by this change and wants the shade structures back.

In southern California, the weather is often sunny with occasional rain, so the structures are important to provide shelter for students in all weather conditions. Freshman Roan Boruta explains how fighting the heat has been difficult. 

“Definitely towards the summer, it’s really hot in Carlsbad,” Boruta said. “When we have no shade at school, it makes it hard to relax during our breaks.”

During the time that the structures have been absent, the school tried to create more shade to make up for the loss. However, many students, like freshman Olivia Town, are finding that they don’t help much. 

“They put up tents but there’s not enough of them,” Town said. “Everyone is always crowded under them, and it’s not fair. The school needs to do more.”

Without a covered place to sit at lunch, students had to move from where they used to sit. Freshman Eliya Dixon explains how it’s not only affecting her but her friends as well. 

“It makes it so we can’t sit in the same spot during break,” Dixon said. “Since the tents don’t fit all of my friends, it makes us have to find shade somewhere else.”

Along with protection from the Sun, the structures also help block the rain. Many students realized this on a rainy day when they didn’t have anywhere else to go. 

 “[If there were shade structures], it wouldn’t be as hot, and the days it was raining we wouldn’t get soaking wet,” Dixon said. “It’d be nicer because you wouldn’t be sitting in the sun while you’re eating, and you wouldn’t regret wearing a jacket.” 

Assistant Principal Judi Stapleton, who is responsible for CHS facilities, understands students’ complaints and the issues of not having permanent shade structures. However, she is unsure of when the structures will be back.

 “When [the workers] opened up [the base beams], they saw that some of the beams in that structure were bowing and it wasn’t safe,” Stapleton said. “We are at the mercy of the district and they need someone to come out here to determine what will stand in its place.”