Old buildings get a new face


Jack Oakley

The Speaker tells parents about the plans the school has for the new buildings. The school is planning to remodel the outdated science buildings that were not renovated from the last school remodeling.

On Feb. 5, the school board met with parents and teachers to discuss upcoming plans for the school’s science building. With the new design, there have been a lot of questions and concerns from students and parents. On the other side, teachers are preparing for the upcoming renovation of the building. 

Principal Dr. Bryan Brockett knows that the science buildings are older so with a budget of 7 million, he plans to do a full scale remodel on the buildings.

“Well I think it’s fantastic, I think it speaks out to our community in terms of supporting the bond metrics that are supporting and refurbishing facilities that need to be upgraded and updated and then I think it speaks to the district and the board and the district’s vision for really pushing that word forward and providing the opportunities for us to do that,” Brockett said.

Brockett’s plan might help students right now, but newer students may not have science classrooms for their high school experience, though we will have replacement classrooms for the time of the construction. In the long run, they will have nice new rooms for future students.

“Obviously that transition period and that construction period is going to be challenging we are already thinking about that and that is two years out and we are already trying to think about how we are going to navigate that there certainly will be impacts I think the long term benefits far outweigh the impacts that will happen in the short term,” Brockett said. “We also want to make sure we have top-notch facilities.”

Time may not be of the essence, though, because the building’s remodel could be taking place sooner than they thought. If it does take place that soon, the buildings will be ready by 2021. 

“We should be able to get through the approval process by next year and summer of 2020 is when we will get the project going and into that school year,” Brockett said. “We should be ready to go that following school year.”

Biology teacher Mrs. Chesnut went to the meeting, giving insight to the new designs and plans. Some of the plans she gave were not able to become a reality, but other ideas they took into consideration.

“I’m very excited about the new building being built because our rooms are pretty much way to small for the number of kids that we have in them,” Chesnut said.

Chesnut also takes into consideration the fact that she will not have a normal science classroom for some time. Without her normal classroom, she will have to change up how she teaches her class and find new lab space. 

“I’m a little concerned about where we are going to be because at this point I don’t know where they are going to put us and if we are going to have access to any rooms for lab space,” Chesnut said.

She also believes that patience is a virtue and that great things are going to come of this. With this sight in mind, she knows that all her dreams can’t cannot come true with the buildings.

“Well I think it is going to be great because they got a budget of 7 million dollars and I thought the budget would flatten this building and make a brand new one but that won’t be the case,” Chesnut said.

With this new information, she believes that every teacher will have their own classroom with lab space. Now that she will have her own lab space, there will be enough room to do different and more fun labs.

“We are hoping to make each classroom a self-contained lab room so the second issue is we need interior supplies to go with the lab room,” Chesnut said.