California makes the decision to keep or remove daylight savings

According to a study done by the American Academy of Neurology, the chances of an ischemic stroke for those already at risk increased by eight percent in the two days following daylight savings time by limiting their hours of sleep.

Daylight savings causes students to change their sleep schedules, which can cause stress and sleep deprivation.

”If we remove [daylight savings], I think it will make my sleep schedule better because it will be darker at night when I go to bed, and bright out when I wake up, and my schedule won’t be knocked off the normal,” junior Jude Schmidt said.

Having daylight savings keeps the students’ and workers’ sleep schedule almost exactly on key to their previous schedule. They can have more sunlight in their day or be able to have a darker night for sleep.

“I will sleep more since it is very hard for me to go to sleep when it is not dark at night,” Carlsbad Unified School District accountant Emily Smith said.

There are seven time zone differences across the country depending on the region a state is in. With the different regions, there becomes a communication deficiency. States in the same region may begin to have different time zones due to some not participating in daylight savings and some keeping it.

“We won’t be in the same time zone as the other states are, which means it can get hard to be able to talk to relatives from different states,” Schmidt said. “Also, it can cause jet lag when flying to different parts of the world.”

Those who have been inspired to go green do not want to waste more energy than needed. They do not want to get rid of daylight savings as night comes earlier because it will cause people to use their lights earlier and for longer periods of time.

“Having more daylight in the evenings means less demand for lights and electricity,” Smith said. “If we choose to get rid of daylight savings, it will cause people to use more energy, which hurts our environment.”

When people start to change their sleep schedules, their whole day can be affected from it. Different health issues can result from the change in sleep schedule from as little as one or two nights.

“If you change up people’s sleeping schedules they will have all sorts of health problems,” teacher Karl Kistler said. “One of the leading causes of depression is sleep deprivation.”