Students raise money through fundraising


Danny Tajimaroa

Juniors Jacquie Costan and Megan Schoen support ASL by buying some frozen yogurt from Menchie’ s. 20 percent of the sales made from the fundraiser went to help ASL.

Dedicated students work hard to raise money for their favorite activities. In order to receive financial support, students put on fundraisers attended by students and the community. Some examples of successful fundraising events include the Orchestra Shoe Drive, the ASL Menchie’s fundraising and the Cross-Country Applebee’s dinner.

“We are having a shoe drive to collect money for CHS orchestra,” senior and orchestra member Dvaita Lakshmin said. “We are raising money to attend the festival. Our goal is to raise 2,000 pairs of shoes, and basically, you can bring your old shoes tied together or rubber banded together. People can drop off shoes in the front office or in Room 5103.”

The orchestra fundraiser will continue for two months, starting Oct. 1 and ending Dec. 1. Students can bring in any shoes between the allotted time. The American Sign Language program has also had experience with hosting fundraisers and itsmost recent one took place at Menchie’s.

“For this fundraiser, we are saving up for our ASL three and four to go to Disneyland for a workshop on facial expressions and ASL in general,” sophomore Kelley Resetco said.

Although the fundraiser for orchestra is over a longer period of time, one-night fundraisers, like ASL’s, are still successful due to the support of fellow students and members of the community.

Another opportunity  to support fellow students is the Cross-Country Applebee’s flapjack fundraiser, where the athletes themselves will be serving food on Nov. 11.

“Its called an Applebee’s Flapjack fundraiser, for new jerseys, new uniforms and equipment for track too,” sophomore and runner Courtney Drisko said.

At this fundraiser, members of the track team act as waiters and waitresses for the night, serving Applebee’s customers in order to raise money for their program.

Whether it’s orchestra or cross country, there are a variety of fundraisers always going on in the community.  No matter what the event, fundraisers are a great way to help raise money for programs on campus and add to the sense of community that exists on and off campus.