Giacoletti’s enriches Carlsbad with a musical soul


Marianna Marsden

Giacoletti’s is the music center of Carlsbad. Located on Carlsbad Village drive, it sells a variety of instruments for people of all ages to learn.

If you have spent time in downtown Carlsbad, you may have passed by a shop that doesn’t drag much attention to the eye, but emits music that hypnotizes and pleases the ear. This guitar shop is an exception from all the others of its kind; Giacoletti’s is a music store with a personality of its own.

“They really just let anybody walk in and start playing music,” sophomore Jake Hamilton said. “It is pretty cool because I can play guitar with my friends whenever we go downtown.”

From ukuleles to basses, Giacoletti’s holds a wide variety of chorded instruments for anyone to play. In addition, it is a valued resource for music lessons, instruments, equipment, equipment repair and sheet music for hobbyists, instructors and musicians. Giacoletti’s serene atmosphere  allows it’s visitors to experiment with different types of instruments and let free their musical passion.

“Giacoletti’s inspires kids to start playing instruments,” Hamilton said. “Whenever they walk in and listen to all the players, they have to pick up an instrument.”

Providing a wide variety of music classes–spanning from guitar to saxophone lessons–Giacoletti’s is a unique family-owned music shop. It has been a downtown Carlsbad landmark since 1982, and music education has been its focus ever since. The dozens of  instruments displayed on the walls of the shop are a proof of Giacoletti’s commitment towards the sixth art.

“I’ve been playing guitar for one year, and I like practicing my skills at Giacoletti’s whenever I am at the Village,” Hamilton said.

Over 300 students have taken music classes here, in which the store accompanied them in every step of the journey with inspiration and motive.

“I think it’s really cool that they give kids the opportunity to practice their favorite instrument,” sophomore Madison Arnold said. “Even though I don’t play an instrument, Giacoletti’s can inspire people, including me, to try out their music skills.”

So, if by any chance you happen to be in the Village, don’t hesitate to spare some time to visit Giacoletti’s, which has been offering Carlsbad music lovers an opportunity to play, practice and learn their favorite instrument for over 30 years.