South Tamarack welcomes restaurant opening Board and Brew

The restaurant has an outdoor porch to sit on and enjoy their sandwiches.

Seannie Bryan

The restaurant has an outdoor porch to sit on and enjoy their sandwiches.

AJ Johnson, Managing Editor

Warm soups, healthy salads and a variety of great sandwiches, since 1979 Board and Brew has offered a straightforward and easy menu to understand with quality Southern California style food and a calm and relaxing environment for every customer to enjoy their meal.

With locations in Del Mar, San Clemente, Bressi Ranch and the newly opened Coastal Carlsbad location, Board and Brew appeals to the majority of Southern Californians as well as many students of Carlsbad High School through their delicious food and convenient venues.

Since their original opening in Del Mar, Board and Brew founder Tom Powers has focused on delivering quality meals without preservatives, frozen meats or substitutions. Everything is made from scratch with only fresh and healthy ingredients.

But the true demand that customers return for is the original Board and Brew secret sauce. With a flavor that improves the taste of every sandwich on the menu, the Board and Brew secret sauce is truly the greatest aspect of the restaurant.

Unfortunately, one negative aspect of the restaurant is the long wait and weak customer service. As the restaurant begins to reach maximum capacity, it becomes very difficult for the staff to finish making a meal.

To overcome this frequent problem, Board and Brew has created an easy system to order meals through the phone, which allows a customer to avoid the time period of waiting in line. This system has significantly improved ordering and is highly recommended if the restaurant is full and the line is out the door.

Board and Brew is an amazing restaurant that surpasses the expectations of its customers with awesome food and a very relaxing environment. Although customer service lacks at times and lines get long, the overall experience of visiting Board and Brew is perfect for everyone in Southern California.