ASB launches new interactive website

AJ Johnson, Managing Editor

Campaigning for student body will soon begin at Carlsbad High School and while, in the past, students would usually have to spend their lunch waiting in a lengthy line in order to vote, ASB has provided a more innovative and time-efficient alternative. Online voting is the new, modern day option that will be utilized for this year’s election.

After years of using an already effective method, one wonders why ASB would suddenly change the system. According to junior Sarah Nirschl, this new method will provide students with a more enjoyable and interactive experience compared to the past elections. ASB also plans on more students getting involved in choosing the new student body because of the reduced hassle of this process.

“So this year students will be able to vote for ASB president and vice president online and on their smart-phones. It will make voting a lot faster and easier for everyone, and we hope more students will feel inclined to vote,” Nirschl said.

This new system will enhance the many other aspects of the election as well. For example, the results will be announced more quickly, as well as expediently compared to last year’s election. Formatting of the election site will also show up clearer and comprehensible, removing all aspects of confusion that may have existed in the past. Many other improvements have been made to the system to help ASB on the reciprocating side as well.

“The new system will make counting the ballots for class and executive votes much easier and faster,” junior Courtney Benner said. “We are putting the voting process online in order to update our system and bring it into the 21st century.”

Voting on class council is not the only use of the website. Students will be able to vote on themes in prom, homecoming, yearbook and other aspects of Carlsbad High School. ASB director Mrs. Nasser feels that the site will allow students to have a stronger voice in their high school experience.

“Students can access the website through School Loop by using their student I.D. as their password. From the website students can give input on many activities and clubs at our school,” Nasser said.