Three CHS students prepare for All-State and All-Southern Symphonies

Ashley Wang, a student in the CHS band, spends her free time practicing the flute. She has been playing the flute for nearly 5 years and looking forward to her upcoming competition.

Haley Spanier, Editor-In-Chief

Allyson Choi, Ashley Wang and Brock Stuessi are three students at Carlsbad High with passions for music. Juniors Allyson Choi (violin) and Brock Suessi (bass) have both been accepted into the All-Southern Symphony. Sophmore Ashley Wang (flute), along with Choi, have been accepted into All-State Symphony.

All-Southern Symphony consists of the best high school musicians in southern California. The high school directors choose a few students to audition. Around 1600 students applied for the symphony program.

“There was quite a bit of competiton,” Stuessi said. “The pieces for auditions were difficult.”

On Friday, Feb 8, Choi and Stuessi will travel to the University of Redlands and rehearse for two days before the concert, which takes place on Feb 10. Until then, these students are working hard to improve their skills and prepare for the concert.

“I practice for an hour a day on my bass,” Stuessi said, “and I practice my technique everyday.”

Also coming up at the end of February, is the All-State Symphony concert, including high-schoolers from all over the state who participate in band or orchestra. In order to apply, students turned in an audition CD.

With flute and violin being such popular instruments, perfect audition CDs were essential for Wang and Choi.

“We probably have the most amount of people applying,” Choi said. “In order to get the CD perfect, you have to put in your best effort.”

Soon, Choi and Wang will head to Fresno to practice with the entire group of performers for the first time. In late February, the concert will take place at the Music Educator’s Conference with performances from both the orchestra and the band.

“Athletes have CIF; this is like the music equivalent,” Choi said.

Wang, Stuessi and Choi will soon begin practicing their music for these prestigious events and are excited for the concerts coming in February.