Students volunteer at local tide pools for King Tides event

Sea stars were seen everywhere with the tide being so low.

Scott De Taboada, assistant editor

A phenomenon that happens only a few times a year here in Carlsbad occurred on Fri., Jan. 11. “King Tides,” as they’re called, are naturally occurring tides which are the highest – and conversely the lowest – tides of the entire year.

On Friday, Mr. Muilenberg’s CP Marine and AP Environmental Science students volunteered to educate people on the King Tide as the lowest tide of the year happened at the Terramar tide pools.

“It was a cool experience seeing the tide pools so exposed when the low tide happened. All the animals were really easy to see,” senior Brian Thompson said.

Students took time out of their busy schedules to answer questions any spectators may have had regarding the King Tides and wildlife located in the tide pools.

“Lots of people who walked by were curious about why the tide pools were so exposed, it was really rewarding being able to use something I learned in CP Marine and help people to better understand nature and the wildlife they were seeing,” junior Mark Huckaby said.

Volunteering students went straight from school Friday to get to the tide pools at the height of the low tide. The experience was not only rewarding in that they were able to answer the questions of passersby, but students were able to see the animals and the exposed tide pools for themselves.

“I had a lot of fun going down to the tide pools after school on Friday,” Huckaby said. “There were so many cool animals that you normally wouldn’t see. I highly recommend students at Carlsbad High venture over to Terramar next time King Tides happen to experience it for themselves.”