Best Buddies club serves pancakes to raise funds for prom


Emilee Foltz

Dec. 1 the annual Best Buddies Pancake Breakfast was held at Applebee’s restaurant in Oceanside. During the fundraiser, best buddies served breakfast to friends and family throughout the morning.

Emilee Foltz, staff writer

The smell of eggs and pancakes wafted through Applebee’s on Dec. 1. Best Buddies held their annual pancake breakfast that Saturday morning, serving breakfast to all friends and family who bought a ticket.

To some students, this seemed like any other club fundraiser, but for students such as Curtis Ukegawa, club president Caroline Oh’s buddy, it meant so much more. This fundraiser helps pay for the Best Buddies prom at the end of the school year as well as several other activities.

“The fundraiser was a success. We raised a lot of money which is great because all the money raised goes directly to Best Buddies,” Oh said.

All of the students and their buddies paired up to help serve the food to all of the guests.  Each pair spent many weeks selling tickets to this event, knowing what they have to gain from a successful fundraiser.

Every year, Best Buddies hosts a prom so even seniors who have developmental delays can participate in high school functions such as prom. Through friendships Best Buddies makes a memorable high school experience for these students, too.

“The goal is to establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” Oh said.

Seniors in Best Buddies get the chance to hold their own prom thanks to the money raised at this fundraiser. It was very successful and the club raised plenty of money to host activities. Best Buddy prom is similar to any high school prom with fancy dresses, dancing, friends and lasting memories. For these students, these seniors, this gives them a prom of their own.

“Best Buddies prom is such an amazing experience,” Oh said. “A lot of the Buddies aren’t able to go to the prom held by the school, so our school and many other schools in the area come together to hold one big prom.”

Even if you have never been to a meeting or don’t have a buddy, anyone can go and join the events they hold. Best Buddies welcomes all students and encourages everyone to come and support their club.

“There will be more events coming up like our annual Ban the R- Word assembly which spreads the awareness not to use the word “Retard” because it’s a derogatory term,” Oh said.