Sage Creek prepares for a new school year


Sage Creek is near to its completion. (Credit; Omar Ortega)

Matt La Bounty, staff writer

The Sage Creek leadership team, made up of ten department chairs, is beginning to determine the nature and class of the new high school. The team currently consists of only seven members including teachers from Carlsbad High School and Calavera Hills Middle School. Unfortunately for them, families and students especially are confused as to how they an attend Sage Creek High School.

Enrollment at Sage Creek has become a mystery to some. The process is vague and many students are wondering how to begin their school career at this new High School.

“I would love to attend Sage Creek,” senior Jamie Gough said. “I just don’t know where to start.”

Although the district board and members have tried to explain the process many times, further analysis may help the students here at Carlsbad High School.

“Next year they will have an open enrollment for ninth and tenth graders, meaning only current freshman and eighth graders will have the option of going there,” Sage Creek Science Department Chairman James Fieberg said. “The goal is to have a total of 700 students enrolled by next fall.”

Students who qualify to attend Sage Creek are not only determined by the graduating class they are in, but also the area they live in.

“Sage Creek is a school of choice, not a boundary school, which means enrollment will not be based on where you live,” Fieberg said.

Students will not be bound by their address and will have the choice to attend the school if so compelled, which is a relief to some families who want to have their child enrolled. Parents might also want to consider the different opportunities each school has to offer.

“As of right now, nothing has been finalized yet but it will most likely follow Carlsbad High school’s course sequencing,” Fieberg said. “The plan is to have a full comprehensive high school, including all athletics except football.”

The news of being a full comprehensive school is a draw for students wanting to attend, reassuring those who were mislead by the small enrollment numbers of the first year. However, no football team could keep many students at Carlsbad High.

Another unique difference between the two schools is Sage Creek’s plan for a specialized system for teaching specific fields of study called STEM.

“The STEM system stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, which is basically elective course work for students wishing to pursue careers in those disciplines,” Fieberg said. “Each additional year will include a new focus for the school, the first being biomedical sciences.”

The team has not come to conclusions on all aspects of the high school but the main focus of the school has been shown, as staff and enrolled students look forward to the success of the upcoming 2013-2014 school year.