Freshmen presidents prepare for a great year


Leah Kressin and Kyra Badiner are determined to make this year a success.

Haley Spanier, Editor-In-Chief

Freshman president, Kyra Badiner, is making a difference for all the ninth graders at Carlsbad High. Elected into office on Sept. 12, Badiner is already making changes on our campus for the better.

“The main things I want to accomplish right now are to build the freshman float and to get everyone to have a great year,” Badiner said.

Badiner first heard about ASB through her classmates and decided she wanted to become a part of it.

“My friends in ASB inspired me to run,” Badiner said. “I thought it would be fun to be a leader and take that role. It also looks good on a college application.”

Even though it is only her first year in high school, she is eager to step up to the challenge and learn from the experience. Badiner is happy with the way things are running at CHS, but one of the main things she hopes to do is express the importance of school spirit.

“I want people to participate in the activities more. Homecoming is a big one, and spirit days are important too,” Badiner said. “ASB works hard on them and if no one participates it’s a bummer.”

Kyra Badiner isn’t the only student in office supporting the freshmen. Leah Kressin, the freshman class Vice President of ASB, works with Badiner to make the ideal setting for freshmen at CHS.

“[Freshman] Ashley Lang inspired me to run for Vice President,” Kressin said. “She always believed I could make it.”

Like Badiner, this is Kressin’s first time being a part of a class council. As Vice President, Kressin wants to make sure that everything is running smoothly for the freshman class, and also hopes to get the student body involved with the activities class council puts on for students.

“[Being vice president] seemed like a fun thing to do, and I hope this is a fun year for CHS,” Kressin said. “It’s a good way to get involved with the school.”

The freshman class is looking forward to a great year, and with Kyra Badiner and Leah Kressin in office, the future looks promising.