Dress code policy reinforced this year

Dress code policy reinforced this year

Open-back shirts, as shown on the mannequin, are one of the fashion trends against school dress code policy.

Trina Kim, Copy Editor

One of many changes that greeted students this new school year was a more enforced dress code policy.

Despite the fact that the dress code is not new, many students feel confined by the new enforcement.

“I don’t like the dress code because I feel like I’m restricted and I can’t express myself,” sophomore Gabby Chung said.

Many of the modifications in the dress code policy result from fashion trends such as tops that expose the midriff area and bandeaus. Administrators are only looking to reinforce the policy that has existed and to add slight adjustments for this year.

“It’s not a new policy, just a follow-up,” Dr. Steitz said.

Teachers are hopeful about the results of this newly upgraded dress code policy. All students are already aware of consequences for breaking the policy and teachers believe that the new changes will help in a positive way.

“From what I understand, the administration is working very diligently to work this through,” math teacher Mrs. Alfonso said. “I know they’re trying their best to make sure everyone knows of it.”

The main goal this year is to carry out the changed policy since last year’s enforcement was lenient.

“Dress code will only be effective if all teachers consistently enforce it in their classrooms,” Alfonso said.

Students, on the other hand, are less than eager to welcome the adjustment.

“It’s a minor change, but it still one that affects the way we want to dress,” Chung said.

On the bright side, there are many days off schools and vacations when a student is allowed to wear what he/she wants.  Also, the school does not make school uniforms mandatory so students do have a range of freedom when it comes to clothing style and there are no plans for major changes in the future.

“If we do a major change in dress code, we will get the student’s input,” Dr. Steitz said.

Note* Dress code applies to Homecoming.  Girls must show no bare mid-drift and have full upper coverage.  No backless or cut-out dresses allowed.