ArtSplash launches Carlsbad treasure hunt


Ron Juncal hides rocks in the Carlsbad Village. Winners who find the prize rocks will have the chance to win limited edition art at this year’s ArtSplash event on Sept. 22-23.

Emily Matteson, Social Media Editor

In honor of its 10th anniversary, ArtSplash’s co-founder Ron Juncal painted and hid one thousand decorative rocks throughout Carlsbad Village. Now it’s your job to find them.

For the last 10 years, Carlsbad ArtSplash, a free, non-profit event, has raised money to support art programs throughout the community. This year’s celebration will be on Sept. 22-23 on Armada Drive.

“To date, ArtSplash has contributed more than $42,000 to school programs highlighting diverse visual and performing arts and music programs,” ArtSplash press release said.

Preparing for ArtSplash’s 10th anniversary, Juncal decided to get the community excited by hiding rocks. In addition to the an initial 1,000 rocks, Juncal is creating 50 more special prize rocks at his art studio, Studio 2, in Carlsbad. These rocks will look different from the others and have instructions on the back. The additional rocks can be brought to ArtSplash and redeemed for a special prize. Juncal plans to hide these rocks on Sept. 14.

“The rocks reflect the ArtSplash tradition of offering unique approaches to art that allow people to see the amazing possibilities of imagination that exist all around them, including on humble little rocks,” Juncal said. “This fun treasure hunt enables us to reach out to the community that has supported us so well over the past 10 years.”

ArtSplash is coming up so be on the look out for those special rocks in Carlsbad Village. You could be one of the lucky winners and support our art programs as well.