Administration adds incentive to raise STAR testing scores

Juliet Luty, assistant editor

Standardized Testing and Reporting, more commonly known as STAR testing, is something students tend to brush off. Sure, these tests may be monotonous and students would rather not fill in bubbles on scantrons for hours, but state test scores are a reflection of our school. In order to encourage the student body to perform to certain standards this year, Carlsbad High School’s administration has added some incentive.

The first possible reward applies to the English section of the standardized test. The students who bring their score up a level or score advanced or proficient in English will be given a Star Award. Those recipients will have different options for the use of this award in their English class next year.

“Any student who receives a 4 or a 5 or who improves their score by 1 will receive the Star Achievement Award and essentially it will be used either as a homework pass, dropping a low quiz score or many other things,” English teacher Mrs. Fanning said.

The second part of the incentive applies to the entire student body.  If CHS gets an 840 Academic Performance Index (API), everyone gets an extra early release day next year. Currently, CHS has an 829 API but the administration wants to improve on this score. In order to calculate the API, the state combines standardized test results and measures progress. Therefore, if the students, as a whole score, well on the STAR this year and the goal API is reached, administration will arrange for an extra short day within the year.

“If, as a school, we improve our API by eleven points, they will add in an extra early release,” Fanning said.

The third and final part of the rewards offered for next year is the possibility of a beach day. CHS is currently ranked seventeenth in San Diego County due to the current API but once again, administration wants to make progress.  Therefore, if CHS moves up to one of the top 5 schools in San Diego County after this year of STAR testing, all of the students will be treated with an organized beach day.

With the promise of these rewards, administration hopes students will put in their best effort this testing season. Additionally, students now have a goal to work toward and some added drive to try on the state tests.

“[Students] should want to do well to prove what [they] know but we recognize that isn’t always enough so we are encouraging [them] to do better,” Fanning said.