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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

Art culture blossoms at annual ArtSplash


On Sept. 24 and 25, Art Splash, held annually on Armada drive, brought in a sea of artists, tourists and fans alike to share in the celebration of the arts.  From the intense street paintings to unique venues, Art Splash has formed a new culture.

“Art lets me see a different way of life I’ve never seen before,” sophomore Jade Lam said.

Each venue had an aspect that set it apart from other venues. The Alexander Salazar Fine Art booth specifically showcased the art of a future young artists. Another booth focused on the usage of recycled materials to create their work.  By hammering old refrigerator tubes and sewing feathers in a mound of wire scraps, the Perkins Art Studio created thoughtful, artistic nests that held heart gems to represent love ones.

“It’s how my mind works,” assembly artist Linda Perkins said. “I follow my intuition and hopefully someone will like it.”

Not only were the booths a great attraction with the public, but the street paintings were especially popular with people of all ages. Some beautiful street paintings were done by the GIA, Skin Media, Seaside Center and the Kiwanis Club.

“The chalk art were all pretty impressive,” freshmen Lane Larson said.

While all displayed artwork was beautiful, the most striking street paintings were the ones that featured 3-D effects which could only be seen through a specific angle, such as the chalk mural done by the famous Studio 2.  However, not only professionals performed at the event.  Adults and children had the opportunity to get on their knees to paint with chalk by paying a small fee.

“I like the whole concept of painting, even kid art,” Ann Cerecedes and Bobbi Siebert said.  “You can see future artists and see them progress to do live art.”

Likewise, talented artists were also seen at a different department of art: baking.  One of the most delicious events at ArtSplash was the cake competition made possible by Ro Zinniger, owner of Ro Z’s Sweet Art Studio.  This year’s theme was Rock Around the Beach and interesting enough, one of the cakes had a fish bowl embedded in it.

“People have more creativity than they realize,” Ro Zinniger said.

Since art comes from one’s creativity and imagination, art is open to a broad range of interpretations and ArtSplash greatly encouraged this exploration.  ArtSplash introduced a whole new level of aesthetic culture and has enriched the daily lives of the people.

“That’s how I breathe all day.  You see the perspectives of other people,” art director Anjela Piccard said.  “Art makes you understand other people and inspires you.”

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Art culture blossoms at annual ArtSplash