Sound Express and Chamber Singers hit home

Andrea Abbott, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, September 26, Sound Express and Chamber Singers performed in San Diego at a Padres vs. Cubs game. After waiting anxiously, the choirs finally walked on the field and joined about 300 other students from San Diego schools in singing the National Anthem.

All of the rehearsals and long practices paid off for the exceptional moment everyone shared while singing their hearts out. The crowd and the cameras, which filmed the performance on live TV, were intimidating at first, but the choirs hit all the high notes.

“You could see some of us [singing] on the jumbo screen” Junior Sammie Duffy said. “It was memorable.”

Not only did the students perform, but they also took part in watching the game and some even caught the attention of a few players.

“I high-fived a Padre,” Senior Kaitlyn Jenkins said. “I was really excited.”

Junior, Garret Nato also came across a once in a lifetime experience.

“[The event] was fantastical because Alfonso Soriano was stretching right by us” Nato said.

After mingling with a few of the players, the choirs found their seats and enjoyed the rest of the evening watching the teams battle it out with some friends and family. Despite the choirs starting out the game on a good vibe, the Padres ended up losing. Still, the overall event left the students with many memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

“Singing the anthem was fun, because it was the first time we’ve done it [at a professional baseball game]” Jenkins said.

By taking on an event as big as this, Sound Express will be able to perform any where else with self confidence. Already, a selected few performed at CHS’s last home football game. Later, they plan to make an appearance at other benefits, and will mention the dates in the near future.