Meet junior Olivia Lewis

Junior Olivia Lewis is running for ASB President. Photo courtesy of Olivia Lewis.

Olivia Lewis

Junior Olivia Lewis is running for ASB President. Photo courtesy of Olivia Lewis.

LL: Why are you running for ASB President?

OL: I am running for ASB President because of the importance I find in helping everyone make the most of their high school experience. Being able to participate and create memories with your classmates is something everyone should be able to do and I’m running for ASB president to make these experiences the absolute best they can be. Through school spirit and events, I want to help students engage with their school and take pride in it as well!

LL: How are you qualified for this position?

OL: I am qualified for this position because of my extensive participation in all sorts of school clubs, teams, and classes, along with my leadership roles I’ve had in them all. In clubs, I am secretary of Growing Peace Club and Vice President of Happy Period Club. I also am in my 3rd year of varsity track and field and play varsity soccer. As a freshman, I played freshman volleyball and JV soccer while being a captain for both teams. I’m also a part of CHSTV with show producer positions. All of these leadership roles have taught me to lead with confidence and take initiative, but also remember to listen to those I represent.

LL: What is your platform for the 2021-2022 school year?

OL: My platform for the upcoming school year is to create a positive, safe, and inclusive environment for all the students at CHS. With the time we have lost, my priority as ASB President will be creating as many opportunities and school events as possible for students to participate and maximize their time in high school! Making sure everyone is included and has these opportunities is so important to me.

LL: Why should students vote for you?

OL: Students should vote for me because of the genuine passion I have for our school. As a student over the years, I’ve always loved going to every game, dance, and other school events. Our school spirit makes me so proud to be a Lancer and I’d like to share that with the students and translate this passion to my position as ASB President!