A world of color

Brandon Faulkner, Photography Editor

Charlie Larson is a junior who not only participates in theater but also enjoys fashion and the way clothing can express one’s self. 

By the expression of clothing Larson explores different type of fashion and colors to create her own image. Her fashion is one that she has curated throughout the year in order for her to feel her best in what she wears.

“No matter how I’m feeling on a certain day, whether it’s something sloppier or something more put together, I like what is on the outside of me to reflect what is on the inside of me,” Larson said, emphasizing the importance of clothing in reflecting one’s personality.

Drawing inspiration from characters on That Seventies Show, Friends, and people like Jackie, Larson likes to pull from different types of clothing and styles.  She enjoys incorporating vintage clothing into her outfits because of their unique, colorful, and better-made qualities. Places like Cotton On and Brother Venos in Oceanside are some of Larson’s favorite shopping locations.

“My style is a little bit of everything, could be old, could be new, it just depends on what I want to wear that day,” Larson said. 

Weather is a significant factor when it comes to Larson picking her daily outfit, with cable knit sweaters on cold days and tank tops on warmer days. She prefers feminine and frilly clothing over dull and muted colors. Larson’s collection of clothing includes around 300 pieces of clothing, 40 pairs of shoes, 30 headbands, and about 20 jackets.

“Honesty thinking about her closet situation is like thinking about a grand abyss that never ends,” Norton said.

Larson’s outfits are vibrant, with an abundance of colors coming together to create the perfect ensemble. She likes to wear headbands that match the color of her outfit, and she has a collection full of jewels and pearls, which she enjoys paring with her countless amount of outfits. 

“I have these witchy earrings and earrings that are more quirky. I’ve got lollipop earrings, sword earrings, and things like that,” Larson said.

Larson’s unique aesthetic often lead her to create her clothing. She loves altering rosaries into necklaces and making earrings. Friends of Larson have mentioned that if her time in the theater didn’t work out, she would most definitely become a fashion icon. 

“She has most definitely gotten a way more refined sense of style compared to what she used to wear in middle school,” Norton said. “She has figured out what she enjoys and honestly, it makes for amazing outfits.” 

Larson often chooses a theme for her outfits depending on the different seasons, with more pastels in the spring, more blues in the winter, warmer colors in the summer and darker colors in the fall. She prefers looser clothing that is comfortable and bigger to create a flowy vibe. Larson’s jewelry collections typically consist of more silver than gold because it adds a more mellow sense of taste to her outfit. 

“The article of clothing I would say that Charlie is most fascinated with is coats. She has a ton of those and is always getting new ones,” junior Matthew Mullany said. 

Larson doesn’t necessarily participate in fast fashion, but she is interested in it. She prefers vintage wear that suits her style best. Hand-me-downs are essential in the Larson family, and many of the clothes that Larson currently wears are handed down.

“Many clothes in my collection were handed down by my mother and grandmother. I love the sort of vintage vibe and the overall quality of it is better than the fast fashion pieces,” said Larson

Larson dreams of working with designers such as Dior to create a style of clothing that is unique to herself. Hunting for trends is something that Larson takes an interest in. Figuring out what new style is out or how to change a style is something that can give her new ideas about what to wear next.

“If Charlie had the opportunity to create her line of clothing I think that she would take that over anything,” Norton said. “I could see her as a designer for her own company.”

If an occasion calls for it, Larson will tend to change what she is wearing to incorporate the day-to-day activities that she is doing. For something like studying it might be pjs, or if she’s going out it might be something bright, or if it’s formal it might be a dress.

, “Sometimes Charlie will show up in pajamas, or something fancy, or something sporty. It just depends on what she is doing and her mood,” junior Veronica Palermo said.

Larson’s fashion sense is unique, vibrant and full of character. It reflects her personality and showcases her creativity and individuality. Her passion for fashion and her desire to express herself through her clothing makes her a standout amongst her friends 

“Charlie is a person who loves to dress to impress and I can respect that,” Mullaney said.