Healthy Grub Club flourishes despite adversities


Graphic credits to Sydney Lasensky

Healthy Grub Club is new to Carlsbad High. Started by sophomore Sydney Lasensky, it is devoted to teaching healthy food alternatives and habits.

Carlsbad High is home to many, many clubs. From Happy Period to Mock Trial, it seems as if our campus has it all. But Healthy Grub Club brings a new idea to the table: delicious and easy alternatives to unhealthy foods. 

“I started Healthy Grub Club because I wanted to have a place for students to go to and be able to find really healthy and simple recipes,” sophomore Sydney Lasensky, founder of the club said. “I think that one of the hardest parts about trying to eat healthy is how complicated it is.”

Establishing a club can be a huge undertaking, so Lasensky gifted her closest friends with high positions. By doing so, the founder was able to lighten her own load and create a warm environment during her monthly meetings.

“My role as a Grubian is Public Outreach, and with this job I promote our social media and create a lot of the digital posters,” sophomore Kayla Dyck said. “I also edit a lot of the food photos and just help as much as I can.”

With the current circumstances created by COVID-19, Lasensky was unable to have her first meeting on campus. Instead of a typical club meeting in a classroom, the “grubians” connected through a video conference on Zoom.

“Our first meeting on Zoom was great,” Lasensky said. “Everyone shared the healthy foods that they had been eating during quarantine, specifically what they had been cooking. I think that that’s a great way to get everyone else thinking about what they can cook, as they can be inspired by what other people have been creating.”

Zoom has not been the only vital tool for Healthy Grub Club. With the help of Instagram, the leaders are able to advertise, connect with members, and most importantly; share the recipes. 

“Social media has really helped with where the club is going because one of the main points of the club is that it is a portfolio to look at recipes. Instagram is a great way to go about that because it’s very accessible and people can go on it at any time of day.”

Lasensky and her friends truly hope to reach out to Lancers with her club. They want students to understand the value of healthy eating and the importance of starting such beneficial habits at a young age.

“I loved the idea of being a part of a healthy lifestyle and being able to influence positive eating habits,” sophomore Addie Hess, Vice President of the club said. “It’s definitely a club that people should join if they are interested in learning about great and nutritious recipes.”