Carlsbad clubs fight climate crisis


Courtesy of Carlyrae Jones

Green Club and C3 members participate in beach cleanups to better the Carlsbad community.

Jordan Forman, Reporter

Environmental preservation is one of today’s most pressing issues, affecting communities around the world. Now more than ever, with temperatures rising and pollution increasing, several clubs on campus have recognized their role in preserving the environment. 

Green Club and Carlsbad Cleanup Crew (C3) are two organizations that have taken the initiative to fight the climate crisis and spread awareness. Junior Makena Hamilton, co-president of Green Club, aims to share her passion for the environment with her peers. 

“I’m constantly brainstorming ways to make both our community and school more eco-friendly,” Hamilton said. 

Green Club aims to educate the community about the climate crisis and ways they can contribute. Hamilton expressed why the issue is so relevant today.

“Nature offers so much for us, so I think that we need to do our part in protecting it,” Hamilton said. “I’m interacting with nature on a daily basis, and seeing the way that humans treat the earth makes me scared for the future. I believe that it is super important for everyone to do their part in preserving our Earth, to keep it beautiful and healthy for future generations.”

Advocating for the environment is important to junior Sierra Lambert, president of C3 Club. According to NASA, human activities have increased the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, which warms the planet. Lambert’s efforts to encourage change are necessary now more than ever.

“As we continue to trash the earth, we lose biodiversity and vegetation,” Lambert said. “If we don’t protect the environment, the conditions on earth will become less bearable, including heat, drought, lack of food and lack of shelter.” 

Both Green and C3 Club provide interactive activities to bring students together and promote environmental consciousness. Each club has weekly meetings and regular cleanups around the community. To kick start the 2022-2023 school year, Green Club and C3 held a joint sunset cleanup in the Village. 

“We had an awesome turn out and picked up lots of trash,” Lambert said. “There is definitely more trash in the Village than the beach, so future cleanups will be focused there, but it was great to see some new faces.”

Environmental issues such as pollution and climate change have become very concerning in recent years, yet world progress has been slow. Programs on campus such as Green Club and C3 are part of an effort to spur progress for the global issue. This year, Green Club and C3 plan to reach a wider range of students. 

“I hope to spread our message throughout campus, and I want to achieve this by hosting school-wide environmental events such as a clothing drive,” said Hamilton. “I also want to impact elementary schools across Carlsbad, because I think that it is important to start environmental education at a young age.” 

Green Club and C3 Club are working to save the planet and create a healthy world for our future generations. Increasing student involvement is a major goal for both clubs for the school year.

“Participation is key,” Lambert said. “The more people who can donate their time, the cleaner we can keep Carlsbad.”