Top five habits to be successful in school

Top five habits to be successful in school

It is common for students to feel organized and ready for the school year with goals to be successful when school first starts. Almost just as common, the goals previously set are forgotten about more and more as the school year goes on. Students can ensure that their goals are achieved throughout the year by creating these five habits for the school year.

1)  Attending school regularly: A must have habit to be successful in school is to attend school regularly. It would be very difficult to fully understand the lessons and keep up with work if not attending school. This seems like a simple task but it is easy to get into the negative habit of missing classes often. It is important to only miss class when absolutely necessary. School should be priority to other events when deciding whether to miss, under most circumstances.

2) Have school be the first priority: With all of the expectations that high schoolers have today, it sometimes gets forgotten that school should be the first priority. People must make time in their schedule to have enough time to efficiently study, do homework and sleep.

3)Write in a planner: The most beneficial way to manage all events that are additional school along with assignments is to keep a planner. There are multiple types of planners to keep to be organized everyday and get everything done. If students prefer to keep everything online and through a phone, there are calendar apps that keep all information you put in and can even send out reminders to each person before something must get done. Some people have a hard time keeping things organized when students do not see them on paper. If this is the case, a classic planner is the perfect option. When writing in a planner you can physically write something down and cross it out when done. Keeping a planner ensures that everything gets done and students will be prepared for everyday of school.

4) Do work on time: A plan of what must be done will remind students what must be completely. Another factor to getting work done, is to get it done on time. Keeping up with the planner will make it so so students do not have to have their grades suffer because of zeros for homework that was completed but lost. In addition to getting work done, it is extremely important to get assignments done on time for students to get a sufficient amount of sleep. Going to school tired, causing students to fall asleep during class takes away from their learning quality. Keeping a timely plan will make it so each student is ready for school.

5) Stay organized: Having a schedule is one contribution to staying organized throughout the year. Every person has different strategies that work best for them to stay organized but most include keeping a binder with school supplies. It is important to always keep all assignments from each class together. This secured that papers will not get lost and forgotten about when it is time to turn them in.

What habits do you plan on changing in order to succeed this semester?

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