Adrienne Lunneberg, color guard


Danny Tajimaroa

Freshman Adrienne Lunneberg showcases her color guard flag during warm ups . Color guard puts in many hours of practice to perform their best at shows and games.

Adrienne Lunneberg, a freshman at Carlsbad High, only began as a member of the color guard team this year. She takes the unrecognized sport with prestige and has high expectations for herself and her team members.

Lancer Link: How did you get into color guard?

Adrienne Lunneberg: They came to my school during seventh grade and I thought it looked fun. When my friend told me that color guard needed more members, I decided to switch from orchestra to color guard.

LL: What is the most difficult part of participating in color guard?

AL: Weapon flying, because if you don’t get hurt you’re not learning it right, so you get lots of bruises but once you finally learn how to do a toss or a triple you feel so much better.

LL: What motivates you to continue participating in color guard?

AL: The show and not letting my team members down. Since we’re such a small team, we are very close and we do not want to let each other down.

LL: What advice do you have for younger people who want to get involved in color guard.

AL: Listen to the older members. Don’t be afraid, like our captain says be more aggressive because if you use too little strength you tend to mess up that way.