Kasie Coogan, 10


Varsity volleyball player Kasie Coogan prepares to pass to her teammate during warm ups at their 2 hour practice. The next girls game is this Wednesday at Santa Fe Christian, and a home tournament starts at CHS on Friday.

Being the youngest player on the varsity volleyball team,  Kasie Coogan remains enthusiastic and determined to be a positive attribute to the team’s success.

Lancer Link: How did you get into volleyball?

Kasie Coogan: My older sister, Meagan, was forced by my parents to join a club , because she didn’t know what sport to join. This kindled my interest in the sport.  I am extremely glad that our parents put all of us in the sport, because now I have the opportunity to play with my sister on varsity.

LL: What sacrifices have you made for volleyball?

KC: I have to sacrifice social opportunities with my friends. It’s also hard to keep up with homework and have a social life, because we have tournaments all the time.

LL: Why do you enjoy playing volleyball?

KC: I enjoy volleyball, because I love the team aspect of the sport. Once you make the team, you make an instant  friends, that are always there for you, to help you through the ups and downs. Plus, having great coaches makes the practices and games that much better.

LL: What motivates you to continue playing?

KC: My club coach for the past three years has motivated me, because she pushes me to do my best.  My sister also plays volleyball, and I want to be as good as she is, so I remain motivated to improve.

LL: What advice do you have for younger players?

KC: For younger players, I would advise joining a solid club team as soon as possible. The earlier you start competitively playing volleyball, the more time you have to improve. I would recommend practicing as much as you can, the more practice the better.