Tristan Bunch, Junior

Scott DeTaboada, Assistant Editor

Junior track and field athlete Tristan Bunch has loved his sport since he was just nine years old. Committing to a rigorous practice schedule has not fazed Bunch as he continues to achieve success in his life.

Lancer Link: What kind of accomplishments have you made during your track and field career?

Tristan Bunch: I was on the junior national team for the triathlon event and I recently went to the Panamerican Games.

LL: How long have you been doing track?

TB: I’ve been doing track for quite awhile, since I was just nine¬†years old.

LL: How has this sport impacted your life?

TB: It means a lot to me because I’ve been doing it all my life. It has had a really big impact and I hope to one day become a track and field coach.

LL: What kind of time and commitment do you put into your sport both during season and during the off-season?

TB: There’s practice everyday and I make sure to swim about an hour every morning on top of having practice. I also bike to make sure I don’t fall behind in that aspect of the triathlon. I would say I put in about 18 hours a week altogether.