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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

    Riley Porter, Junior

    Riley Porter, Junior
    Omar Ortega

    Junior Riley Porter has been playing volleyball here at Carlsbad High School for the past three years. This year, however, Porter had a change of heart. Going from volleyball to lacrosse, Porter has shown her athletic ability can be used to succeed in any sport she chooses.

    Lancer Link: How did you get started with lacrosse?

    Riley Porter: My friends Bridget and Courtney told me about it and they said it was fun and I should join.

    LL: Why do you enjoy playing lacrosse?

    RP: I enjoy lacrosse because I get to play with my my friends and stay in shape

    LL: What motivates you to play lacrosse?

    RP: My friends and family really motivate me to play.

    LL: What kind of sacrifices do you make in order to play lacrosse?

    RP: You pretty much put your life on the line every moment of the game.

    LL: What advice do you have for up and coming lacrosse players?

    RP: Start playing lacrosse with a travel team or attend clinics or camps over summer.

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    Riley Porter, Junior