Steering Teens Straight: Inside the Actors’ Stories- sober car

AJ Johnson, Managing Editor

Junior Sarah Nirschl is vice-president of Athletes for Rwanda, co-president of Pep Club, plays volleyball for Carlsbad High School and beach volleyball for Wahine. She is also Activities Coordinator for ASB and is on Miss Teen Carlsbad’s court. She spends the majority of her time with friends watching movie marathons or going on road trips.

Junior Ashlyn Sprinkle is the assistant fundraiser in ASB and is also a volleyball player after school and on the weekends. When she isn’t spending her weekend competing in beach volleyball tournaments, Ashlyn enjoys spending time with her friends and sisters.

Junior Courtney Benner is publicity coordinator for ASB and she also plays indoor volleyball for Carlsbad High School. Courtney also plays beach volleyball when with her friends and loves to paint in her spare time.

Lancer Link: “What do you like to do with friends and family?”

CB: “I like to go to the movies, shop and go to the pool or beach with my friends. With my family, I like to do things outdoors like go to the Carlsbad Lagoon, ride bikes, hike or have family dinners.”
SN: “My friends and I do a lot of different random things together. We usually hang out at someone’s house or go hiking or something. My family and I all really like crime shows, so we watch those a lot together. Right now we are on the series, 24.”
AS: “When I’m with my friends, we usually go to Boomers or do something else that’s fun like going to the beach. Every Wednesday, my family and I have a big family dinner.”

LL: “What is your opinion of drinking and driving?”
CB: “I am very against drinking and driving. I think it is horrible that innocent people are killed by these reckless drivers every day.”
SN: “I think drinking and driving is really irresponsible. You are not only endangering your life, but also the lives of other innocent drivers and passengers.”
AS: “I think drinking and driving is pretty idiotic. I don’t approve of drinking in general, but I hope the people who do drink would at least be safe and find a designated driver to take them home.”

LL: “How do you feel when you see friends or peers drink?”
CB: “When my friends drink, I worry about them and try to persuade them not to drink or to be careful because I don’t want to see my friends get hurt in any way. Either way, in the end, it is their choice.”
SN: “It worries me, especially when my closer friends drink. I always want to make sure they are safe. When it comes down to it, everyone is accountable for his/her choices. I just hope all of my peers are responsible.”
AS: “I get really disappointed when I see friends drinking because I feel they are only drinking so they can fit in with a certain group. I think it is easy to have fun without being drunk.”