Steering Teens Straight: Inside the Actors’ Stories- DUI car

AJ Johnson, Managing Editor

Junior Isaac Brieske is very involved in choir and the theater. He enjoys spending time with friends and families watching movies or seeing theater performances. He also takes multiple weighted classes and is very studious.

Junior Kevin Freeman is a long distance runner and is on both varsity track and cross country. His favorite thing to do over the weekend is to go on a long Sunday run to relieve stress.

Sophomore Briette Pietrocini loves spending time with her friends on cheer, dance and in best buddies.

Sophomore Rebecca Nasser is in speech and debate and a member of SADD and PLUS. She loves to dance and also spend time with her friends and siblings.

Lancer Link: “What do you like to do with friends and family?”
IB: “I usually attend various events with friends of mine. They’re good company, and handy for talking to, too. My family and I do common familial things, like watching movies together, going out to eat occasionally and talking.”
BP: “My friends and I can do the simplest of things and have a blast. We usually end up going to someone’s house to watch a movie, bake, eat lots of food and make it a great time.When I am with my family I like to spend the day with them watching movies.”
KF: “My favorite things to do with my friends include hanging out at Scott Snow’s house, eating Julian Pie, random road trips to extravagant lands, jumping off bridges into the Carlsbad Lagoon and barefoot ice-skating. I also enjoy kicking back and watching movies with my family.”
RN: “My friends and I like to go to the mall to shop and hang out. I also love hanging out with my brothers and sisters.”

LL: “How do you feel when you see friends or peers drink?”
IB: “If I saw my friends drink I would do about anything to make sure to keep them safe and be there for them.”
BP: “I would be really angry with my friends, but I realize I can’t make their decisions for them.”
KF: “When I see my friends drink, I’m not enraged I’m just simply disappointed. The risk they put themselves into and the enormous potential they throw away when they drink disheartens and worries me.”
RN: “I get really mad if my friends drink and drive, but I feel I can’t control their actions. I always feel really nervous because I don’t want them to get hurt.”

LL: “What is your opinion of drinking and driving?”
IB: “I’ll do my part by being the designated driver, and make sure anyone severely incapacitated is safe. I’m content with everyone’s personal decisions – if you want to drink, go right ahead. It’s your decision, and I won’t judge you for it.”
BP: “I believe drinking and driving is a horrible decision because you can put yourself and others in danger.”
KF: “ Drinking and driving is one of the most idiotic things on the planet. It robs the lives of countless people every year. It not only puts the driver at risk, but innocent people. The United States’ arguably best distance runner ever, Steve Prefontaine, died due to him being drunk at the wheel at age 24—a testament to how great potential can be robbed by foolish actions such as drinking and driving.”
RN: “I think drinking and driving is extremely irresponsible especially when the driver has other people in their car because not only are they endangering their life, but the others’ lives also.”