Juggling through high school


Keira Kane

Senior and co-president of Juggling Club, Koji Bryson shows off his skills.

Keira Kane, Social Media Editor

Juggling is a rare hobby and could be used to relieve stress. Here at Carlsbad Highschool there are many unique clubs to take part in. One of those clubs is Juggling Club. This club is run by one of our math teachers Mr. Rosen.

This club was started by Mr. Rosen because he had some juggling experience. The club is a great way for people with common interests to connect.

“A few years after I started teaching, I had a student who I mentioned juggling and he said, ‘Hey I can juggle’ and pulled out five bean bags and just started juggling,” Rosen said. “I mentioned that my friend started a juggling club at UCSD and he said, ‘Hey we should start one here.’ And that’s how the juggling club started.”

During practices, students showcase and practice their abilities. It is an informative and fun environment because of the students and teacher.

“[During club meetings] we practice juggling, teach newcomers to juggle and help each other improve our juggling abilities.” Rosen said. “That’s pretty much what a typical meeting looks like.”

Juggling can be a really fun and enjoyable hobby to have. Having a rare hobby can teach you things that you may need in your everyday life.

“I think it’s just fun [to juggle].” Rosen said. “I think that it’s definitely useful for creating eye hand coordination.”

Juggling can positively affect students by relieving stress. It is a great way to just take a break during lunch.

“Juggling is a good way to learn a new skill and it’s also a good way to relieve stress.” senior Matthew Kim said. “It just provides me with the satisfaction that is strong enough to relieve that stress.”

Juggling club is also a great club because of the environment and the people. You can meet new people and have a fun experience.

“As far as the club is concerned, it’s just nice kids hanging out,” Rosen said.

Having the juggling club on campus can be a great way for people to meet friends. It is also a way to learn new skills such as eye hand coordination.

“My favorite thing about the club is the friends and family that we’ve created here.” Kim said. “It’s just a nice way to share my passion with other people.”

Reaching out and finding a club you want to join may be scary but it may lead you to finding your new favorite hobby. Just coming out to a meeting could introduce you to your new favorite thing to do.

“Just come to the club and one of the other students who are there can help you.” Rosen said. “I could help you out just to get started and just try it and see if you like it.”