Students work through the week to perfect class floats


Alex Brown

This year’s freshman class council worked all week long to make their float for the parade. Their theme was “Unifying the Middle Schools.”

Rubie Riddle and Chloe Tran

Celebrating 60 years of CHS, students of each grade made floats representing their class. With different styles based on each year’s classes and goals, the floats showcased the school’s creativity and long lasting effort.

Throughout last week, the class presidents from each grade, along with members from ASB, contributed to the construction of the class floats. Requiring many hours of labor, including after school time, the floats had nearly 15 students working on each class float.

“We put in 2 school days worth, after class, and over the weekend prior to the parade,” said junior Taylor Tibbles.

The float consisted of many parts in order to make each ready to compete. Balloons and colorful designs helped catch the judges’ eyes.

“While working on the float I blew up balloons for the balloon arch and worked on the back of [the float] as well,” said Tibbles.

The students’ hard work was featured when the floats paraded down the streets of Carlsbad. Each float represented a unique aspect of the school and the students. Those involved got to see the reactions as they rode together with their floats.

“The float turned out amazing. It was so cute and it really reflected our classes’ style,” said Tibbles.

The float building allowed students to connect with each other while contributing to the floats. Whether it’s tying balloons together or working on the float’s structure, the teams were able to bond and make new friends in the process.

“My favorite part about working on the float was getting to skip all day Thursday to contribute with my friends,” said Tibbles. “Building the float was very fun because I got to make memories with my friends that will last a lifetime.”