Cameron Penn introduces a new magical culture


Cameron Penn displays one of his festive tricks.

Trina Kim, Copy Editor

This year, students are in for a little magic as CHS welcomes freshman Cameron Penn, a great performer of one of the most unique cultures around: magic.

At the young age of six, Cameron’s interest in magic was piqued when he received his first Lance Burton magic kit.  With support and help from his family, Cameron mastered the simple tricks and began creating his own.

“Magic is what everyone wants to believe, to get in touch with their childhood,” freshman Cameron Penn said.  “I’m a fan of classic magic.”

His passion for classical magic only drove him further to master more complex tricks. Cameron hand-paints his props, writes his own speech and even goes as far to match music tracks with certain tricks.  With this much effort, he still admits that he is nervous of making mistakes.

“When I do the first trick good, then I start to enjoy myself,” Cameron said.

This enjoyment has influenced him to participate in many events.  Cameron has performed three times for the Aviara Oaks Middle School Talent Show and at many local churches and retirement homes.

“It’s not about the tricks, but how you believe and perceive the tricks,” Cameron said.

His show has also taken first place in the category of novelty for two consecutive years at the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce.

“I look at the talent show not just as a competition but as a performance,” Cameron said.  “I’m there to entertain the audience.”

One of his most well-known showcase was the Celebrate Carlsbad Day held at Legoland.  Cameron performed magic for the opening act which was broadcasted on local TV for three straight days.

“I love being on stage and seeing people’s disbelief,” Cameron said.

Throughout his magic career, Cameron has realized  he wants to take a step further as magician and is currently trying to find a place to host his own magic show. Regardless of where his future lies, Penn wants to be a performer because nothing satisfy him more than seeing an amused audience.

“I do magic to make people happy, because that makes me happy,” Cameron said.  “It’s like how laughter is good for the soul, magic is the same.”