A Lancer look into spirit week


Students painted their faces to show spirit at the tailgate before the football game.

Kathleen Dooley, Lancer Express section editor

As homecoming rapidly approaches, ASB is working hard to ensure this year’s spirit week is a step above the rest. Each year, Lancers are urged to participate by dressing up in their most spirited attire to prepare for a weekend of touchdowns and dancing. This year, Carlsbad is getting a head start on spirit week by informing students of each day’s theme with enough time to pull costumes out of the attic, and have students dust off their purple, black and white Lancer pride.

Starting off the week is Halloween, and for the first time in years, students will not only be allowed, but encouraged to dress up in their spookiest costumes. Remember Carlsbad, dressing up for Halloween has been banned in the past, so let’s keep the day fun for everyone, and put Carlsbad’s Halloween record back on track for the following generations.

After the vampires and witches have been put away, Carlsbad remembers years past on Tuesday’s decades day. Come to school decked out in clothes from your favorite era, and get pumped up with this flash from the past.

Although everyone’s favorite team is the Carlsbad Lancers, ASB encourages everyone to come to school on Wednesday repping their second favorite sports team. In past years, this has always been a popular dress up day, so let’s come out this year showing our team pride stronger than ever.

Exemplifying this year’s homecoming theme, Thursday will be a day of heroes and villians. Whip out your tights and capes, and make the most of this year’s battle between good and evil.

Wrapping up the week, as spirit week’s last – but certainly not least – day is Carlsbad’s annual tradition of Lancer Day! Every student is encouraged to show Lancer pride by wearing our school colors not only to school, but to the parade and the homecoming game as well.

This week comes but once a year, Carlsbad, so make sure to take full advantage of spirit week by dressing up – appropriately – and showing some school pride to kick off a great year to come.