Construction set to enter new phase in December

Construction set to enter new phase in December

Construction on the new classrooms finally nears its completion.

Josh Lee, Staff Writer

It has been years in the making, but come December one phase of construction will come to a close. Over winter break teachers will be transferred to newly constructed facilities so the classrooms in the southern end of the school can be torn down and replaced by a new parking lot.

Construction has affected many aspects of student life. With cramped hallways moving from class to class has been slow and tedious. Students and staff alike have had to wage daily battles for parking spots on the dozens of surrounding streets.

However, some students don’t see the problems with traffic, both in the hallways and in the street, ending with construction.

“I don’t think it will be as much of a problem, but it will still be a problem,” senior Alex DaRe said. “People believe that they can just stop in the middle of the hallway.”

Fortunately, the administration has decided that the changes made in the bell schedule to help alleviate traffic will stay even when the new classrooms have been opened.

The absence of a parking lot has caused a fair amount of problems. Student drivers are often late to class not only because parking is such a hassle, but also because they are forced to just sit and wait for the mom in front of them to finish unloading her kids. But whether or not these problems will persist even when the parking lot is completed is still uncertain.

“I think it will still be as bad because the freshmen and sophomores don’t have rides,” junior Andrew Lopez said.

However, it is essential that the students treat the new facilities with the respect they deserve. The end of construction not solving any of these problems will hurt a whole lot more if students have to use bathrooms decked out with graffiti.

“I would hope that with the new renovations there would come a surge of pride,” Mr. Bloomquist said.