Wrestling season jumps into action


The 2016-17 wrestling team gather for a team photo. The end of the wrestling season was commemorated with a banquet for the team members.

Wrestling season has just begun, and Coach Ross O’Briant has been preparing his team throughout the season in order to give them a boost against the competition. They have been working to improve all aspects of their game.

Coach O’Briant tries to help his wrestling team improve physically, as well as mentally, through hard work and strong advice. Sophomore Lucas Jeetan uses his coach’s advice to help him on the mat.

“Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but it will always make you better, and that’s what the coaches try to tell us,” Jeetan said.

Throughout many seasons of hard work and training, Coach O’Briant has helped his athletes improve tremendously.

“He’s been there for me, and he’s taken me to all of the tournaments,” Jeetan said.

Any questions I have, my coach can answer.

— Lucas Jeetan

Coach O’Briant said that personally, he enjoys the comradery among his team and watching their talents grow. Although his boys may struggle at times, Caoch O’Briant hopes they will remember his advice. 

“I might come up against some tough guys who are stronger and faster, but I just have to outsmart them,” sophomore Sam Wardlow said.

Coach O’Briant has set his standards high for this season: he wants this team to be league champions. He also wants all of his varsity wrestlers to qualify for the CIF tournament. Lastly, he wants to try to qualify more than one person in the state tournament in March. With all these goals in mind, Coach O’Briant and his team still look to enjoy the season.

“I am looking forward to our dual meets because in our dual meets this year we have a little more experience, so it should be a little bit more competitive,” Coach O’Briant said.

The wrestlers all have their personal challenges to overcome throughout the season, as Coach O’Briant’s goals inspire the students to be just as motivated and determined.

“I was really close last year and it really hurt me when I didn’t win it, so I’m looking forward to winning this year,” Jeetan said.

Coach O’Briant wants his team to focus on competing, while still having fun doing so. With a large team this year, this season looks to be a good one.

“We are just going to work really hard like we always do and focus on our technique,” Coach O’Briant said. “We have a lot of returners and lot of new guys, so it’s a pretty big squad, and we’re expecting some good things.”