Stop by the new wrestling room and see where the champions train

Megan Benner, Staff Writer

Caught up in all this construction, students see no hope to the end of ruble but Carlsbad High finally has proof of progress, the new and improved wrestling room. This beautiful glass plated training facility is located behind the old gym, close to the athletic trainer’s office.

On Oct. 12, the new wrestling room became officially walk-in-ready! It was expected to have a grand opening ceremony; however, because the new mats were not delivered in time the celebration was cancelled.

The wrestling team has been waiting for this room with great anticipation.

“It’s so nice that it doesn’t get cold. And the roof doesn’t leak! I can’t stress enough how nice it is that the roof doesn’t leak,” senior Cameron Walsh said.

Along with a working heater and reliable roof, the room has way more space, water fountains, new mats and a surround sound system that can blast music for inspiration.

This better equipped room is a major tool that will help JV and Varsity wrestling meet their goals of preparing for their matches.

However, victory does not come over night.  Wrestling practice lasts two hour after school and one hour in the morning on Monday and Wednesday. The team also has two home meets and many state tournaments to prepare them for CIF’s.

On Dec. 16-18, Varsity wrestlers will be in Reno, Nevada for a tournament. Also on Jan. 6-7, the team will attend the 35th Annual Doc Buchanan Invitational at Clovis High School. Another tournament will be held in Temecula Valley, California.

“The new wrestling room is pretty much my new home away from home now,” Walsh said. “And I love it!”