Lancers fight hard against reigning champions


Maddie Ward

Mission Hills beats Carlsbad 35-7 after a tough game on Friday, Sept. 15.

Jordan Bryant, staff writer

All eyes were focused on senior quarterback Troy Bloomquist on Friday night as the coach’s whistle shrieked and the ball was hiked into his hands. The stands were filled with students wearing our country’s prideful colors, and Loud Crowd was more packed than ever before.

The game against the Mission Hills’ Grizzlies was greatly anticipated for weeks by the students, and when it finally rolled around, students kept their spirits high throughout the night.

Although Mission Hills remained strong, Lancer pride did not fade. Sophomore Noah Vella, playing receiver and corner, put our only points on the scoreboard.

“I scored a touchdown, the only touchdown in the game, which I felt was pretty special for me, considering I am a sophomore,” Vella said.

The Grizzlies football team is #1 on the San Diego Division 1 Rankings, and Carlsbad Lancers are #8. Carlsbad’s 3-0 record combined with the hopeful opinions of local sports casters boosted spirits going into the game. However, many students were shocked by the ending 35-7 score. The game left everyone on the edge of their seats until the final buzzer ended the first home game of the year in a loss.

“There was a part of me that didn’t expect it, but I didn’t believe that we would lose by that much,” Vella said. 

By halftime, the score was 28-0 with Grizzlies in the lead. However, the score did not phase the Lancers, as they continued to pour all their energy into this game. Their persistence took action during the 3rd quarter when Bloomquist effortlessly threw the ball into the hands of receiver Vella, scoring us our one touchdown of the game. 

“I know we can do better than that,” sophomore Steven Wynn said. “The score did not show what the game really was, and I think we’re just better as a football team than that.”