Lancers fight through adversity at Homecoming game

Friday, September, 25 Carlsbad High School played Rancho Bernardo for their homecoming game. The ending score was 27-35 Bronco’s.

Brendan Carroll, Staff Writer

The Carlsbad High Lancers squared up against the Rancho Bernardo Broncos in this year’s Homecoming football game. The game was close fought with the roars of Loud Crowd and fireworks exploding overhead. Despite losing 27-35, the Lancers maintained a close score throughout the game.

The game started with senior Josiah Villagomez returning the opening kick-off. The Broncos came out and scored the first touchdown of the game. In response to their touchdown, CHS’s Zach Thomas was able to infiltrate Rancho Bernardo’s offensive-line and sack their quarterback.

“We played hard and we were really pumped about the big crowd,” senior Joseph O’Neill said. “It was exactly what we asked for. Even though we played tough, it just was not enough and we were a little sloppy out on the field.”

Loud Crowd implemented new ways to maintain high energy throughout the game. The leaders brought out the big guns–well, a t-shirt gun that is. They also implemented speakers which blasted music at each pause in the game, to get both the crowd and the players excited.

“I thought the Loud Crowd did absolutely amazing out there,” senior Adrian Retzer said. “We were bringing the bangers. I think the team did very well. Obviously there are some things they can work on, but everyone is just excited to get back out there.”

Lancer quarterback Shea Morales threw a long pass intended for Kellen Peet, which was deflected by Bronco defenders, but swiftly caught by Lancer Ramon Sanchez for a touchdown. The game went into halftime with the Lancers trailing Rancho Bernardo 17-21. Dancers and band members took place on the field and started the Greece-themed show. The field was flooded with a coalition of band members, dance programs, Color Guard and the homecoming court.

“We usually pump up the crowd a lot when we do a dance performance, especially when we do hip-hop,” senior Lancer Dancer Ellie Meck said. “The Loud Crowd gets really into it and that makes the rest of the crowd into it. So it’s a lot of fun, not just for us but it also lifts up the football team’s spirits too.”

After the halftime show, the game progressed as Rancho Bernardo scored steady touchdowns and Lancers did what they could to cease the growing deficit. In the fourth quarter, Peet scored a touchdown with three minutes left in the game.

The game ended with Rancho Bernardo leading 35-27.

“We brought tons and tons of energy to the game,” junior Caden Homer said. “But, there is always room to do better next time.”