Firebirds burn Lancers 8-2

The lancers go in half time and discuss there strategies for the second half.

Omar Ortega

The lancers go in half time and discuss there strategies for the second half.

Zak Jones, Section Editor

The ambiance of a competition can greatly influence the gravity of a competition. When the Lancers’ boys varsity lacrosse team took on the Pacific Ridge Firebirds in a non-league exhibition, a rally would leave the Lancers unable to compete.

“It was the worst we’ve played all season,” senior Justin Evans said. “We didn’t play as a team.”

In the first quarter, odds were still neutral, after a goal from junior Connor Hull and a volley from Pacific Ridge, the score was tied at an even 1-1, but the end of the quarter would bring another goal for the Firebirds.

The second quarter continued with another goal from Pacific Ridge with only 2:22 elapsed in the second quarter– two goals in about five minutes. Keeping their offense in a tight circle around the crease, Pacific Ridge kept the upper hand in control and waited for a gap in defense.

However, after a timeout to strategize, Carlsbad took back the ball and headed toward the goal with shots by senior Matt Moynan and junior Dylan Harris, all missing.

While it would look as all the goals past senior goalie Addison Sherwood were a fault of defense, the real problem rested in the retaliation to these goals.

Yet from the depths, the offense would shine briefly in the third quarter as Evans would defy his own quote and score after a quick turnover by junior Spencer Beyer.

Alas, the rally destined for Carlsbad went to the wrong team. As morale waned and bodies fatigued, Pacific Ridge’s offense powered on while the Lancers were aghast. Three more goals whisked past Sherwood for a final score of 2-8 in a game thought to be competitive.

In terms of record, Carlsbad’s 4-3 home record compared to Pacific Ridge’s 6-0 sound different, but the Firebirds are placed in a much lower division with perhaps easier teams. Still, the numbers are irrelevant to the rather disappointed team.

“We weren’t mentally ready and it showed in our playing,” junior defender Henry Gardener said.

The loss will fuel the team’s drive to do better and varsity will come back strong on Saturday’s game against Poway.