Lancer Dancers prepare for Nationals in Florida


Seannie Bryan

The Lancer Dancers prepare to perform their competition routine at the Friends and Family Showcase in the New Gym in preparation for their departure to the 2013 Nationals.

Riley Hoffman, staff writer

As a Carlsbad High student it seems almost ritual when the Lancer Dancers head off to Nationals in Florida. With their illustrious competition history and the known quality their performances tend to entail, the expectations are always high this time of year.

Last Saturday The team performed their two Nationals routines, jazz and hip-hop, at their annual friends and family performance in the new gym at the high school. The performance is meant as a send off for the team so they feel the support at Nationals, and the ladies seem to be feeling the love.

“We really appreciate all the support going into Nationals,” junior Leah Johnson said. “It gives us motivation and it’s nice to know we have friends and family back home cheering us on.”

As the dancers give up much of their time to prepare for Nationals, the whole experience can be quite emotional for the girls.

“The fact that we don’t have much time to spend with our friends or family in January because of our dedication to the team, and yet they still support us means the world,” senior Katie Park said. “We love knowing that the Carlsbad community will be cheering us on from across the country.”

In her last time competing at Nationals, Park knows the experience will be a memorable one for sure.

“The feeling is indescribable,” Park said. “We are so blessed to have this opportunity, and share it with our best friends. When we are on that stage, nothing else matters.”

The dancers are fully prepared for the magical experience, and win or lose they’re going to leave it all out on the dance floor.

“It’s one of those experiences you can’t put into words,” Johnson said. “Dancing on the Nationals floor is surreal and the best part is that I get to spend every second with my team.”

Having won Nationals for hip-hop the past two years, the Lancer Dancers know the pressure is on, but they are ready to get out there and kill it.

“The pressure is definitely on this year, but we can only control how hard we work and perform on the nationals floor,” Johnson said. “As long as we do our best, that’s all that matters.”

Though their past wins give them a sense of confidence along with the pressure it entails, they know other schools across the country are looking to try and overcome them.

“Considering we are trying to defend a national championship, it puts a target on our backs and motivates other teams,” Park said. “It also motivates us to work harder and do our best because we know we have some serious expectations.”

The intense effort the team puts in builds a fire in their hearts that only released on the floor at Nationals. After practicing for over 100 hours in the month of January, they want nothing more than to get out there and give it their all.

“We basically put our lives on hold to make the dances the best that they can be,” Johnson said. “Spending so much time together brings us closer as a team and all the hard work is worth it.”

As it all comes down to the performances the dancers know they are ready.

“It’s all up to us now,” Park said. “At this point we have done everything we can to prepare ourselves, all we can do now is kill it onstage.”

Follow the team at Nationals as they perform on Saturday and Sunday at