Surf team submerged by tidal wave of groms

Surf team submerged by tidal wave of groms

Scott De Taboada, assistant editor

Grommets: otherwise known as up-and-coming young surfers. These new freshmen entering the scene give the surf team a new demographic, which will greatly enhance the team’s performance in years to come.

Kellar Moore and Mitchell Arterburn are just two of the skilled, young freshmen surfers. With this new talent, older more experienced surfers may get out-shined by freshmen on the team.

“The new grommets are just shralping circles around me, but I know the groms are better than me, so I don’t really feel too threatened,” junior Tyler Grove said.

These new surfers vary in skill level and as a result of this they may not do extremely well in this years competitions, according to some upperclassmen.

“It seems like they have the right idea, but with not as much experience as me. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how they do in the next competition,” junior surfer Daniel Nofal said.

Although this year may be a learning experience for the up-and-comers, no one questions their ability to help the team in the future.

“I think we’ll do alright this year, but when some of the younger kids and I are juniors or seniors, I think we will have a good shot at winning states,” grommet Kellar Moore said.

Older surfers see this talent as a benefit for the team as well, and although they may feel like they’re more experienced than the younger surfers, they realize new talent can help the team incredibly.

“The groms are going to contribute immensely. I mean it’s a whole new body of surfers, who are assets to the team,” Nofal said. “I think that with them we have more talent than other schools, and with a variety of surfers we can adjust to take out other teams in competition.”

Young talent, too, believe in their abilities to help the team in competition and to beat out other schools.

“I think we’ll do pretty well, definitely better than before,” Arterburn said. “The new talent combined with better seniors will really help our team to succeed.”