Dances: An essential part of the high school experience

Through changing times, dances have remained an important part of the high school experience.


Alex Brown

The Homecoming princesses pose for a photo before the assembly. The court attended the dance on Saturday night, and spent the night dancing with friends.

Finn Corrigan and Aj Griffin

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High school can undoubtedly be a very significant part of a person’s life. Experiences had as a teenager form memories that can last a lifetime, and some of the most memorable experiences in high school are the dances. Between getting ready, dancing and hanging out with friends, students often find that dances can be an unforgettable part of high school.

One of the reasons dances are important is because they are great venues for socializing. They provide a different opportunity for students to hang out with their friends and have a lot of fun at the same time. They are a great place to meet people, be it through mutual friends or just in the moment. Dances are also a nice experience for student couples. Proposals, photo shoots, and slow dances give high-schoolers a unique, teenage way to express their affection. Overall, dances are lively experiences that teenagers can share with their friends, significant others and fellow students.

Dances are also an essential part of the high school experience because the memories and experiences created at these dances will be remembered for years. Whether it’s the atmosphere, music or the people that you are there with, these dances are a night to remember. Many times, you hear of the regrets that students have of not going and wishing they would have made the decision to go. Dances are overall important for the students because they serve as a way for people to forget about what may be going on outside of the dance and have a fun night.

Dances are great experiences because the students make them fun. This could involve the group of friends that students go with or that one special person they take. Inside these dances there is music, food, dancing, and other fun activities. These activities contribute to the energetic atmosphere inside the dance leading these dances to be unforgettable ones.

Clearly, dances can be some of the greatest parts of any high school experience. They give students a chance to socialize, make memories, and have a very enjoyable time in the process. Many aspects of school have changed over the decades, but dances will always remain timeless and relevant experiences.