BRIEF: What to expect at Homecoming 2016

Samara Anderson, Editor in Chief

Carlsbad High School’s annual Homecoming dance is an event many students look forward to during Lancer Week. The girls enjoy shopping for a dress, while the guys search for something nice to wear.

Every year, there is something new at Homecoming. This year, there will be an ice cream truck as well as an ASB experiment. 

“What’s really cool this year, which is kinda new for everybody, is we are going to branch out into the plaza and do a silent disco in the plaza,”ASB director Mr. Riccitelli said. “The silent disco has headphones, so you listen to the DJ and you’re able to switch between different channels with the headphones.”

ASB’s main moneymaker is selling Homecoming tickets. Their goal each year is to receive more money than the dance actually costs. ASB hopes this year’s homecoming meets the standard’s of last year’s success.

“Last year’s Homecoming dance I thought was fantastic; great attendance, it was a lot of fun, and so I think from that standpoint we’re hoping to at least have that level of enthusiasm from the students and everything else,” Riccitelli said.

ASB’s plans to extend the dance outside allows for a limited amount of noise in efforts to avoid bothering homes around campus.

“[The silent disco] was something that we saw last year,”Riccitelli said. “We saw examples of it at different dances and so we wanted to bring that to Carlsbad High School. We’re really excited to do that.”